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Home Sound & Satellite, Inc. serves audio and home theater systems of Broadview Heights needs and greater Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio region.

You can rely on our many years of experience when you are ready for a completely new home entertainment system installation, adding to or upgrading your existing home theater or audio components, or simply in need of help installing or mounting your new Plasma or LCD TV or running wiring throughout your house. We help you save time and money by avoiding common installation mistakes and the need to buy special installation tools and equipment.

We provide home theater, multimedia, and audio equipment installation throughout Northeast Ohio (Greater Cleveland Ohio region) and the surrounding region. We install home theater equipment in new home construction for the homeowner or the home builder; we also perform upgrades and installations in your existing home or office. If you are performing any major remodeling for your new home or office multimedia experience, we are here to help. Contact us for assistance and find out how we can make your video and audio installation a smooth process using our professional, experienced staff as needed.

Installation — Planning for Success

Remember that you may have purchased the best home theater system in the world (or perhaps in Cleveland), but that system can only reach its full potential if it is installed properly. So, go ahead and enjoy the excitement of opening those boxes of new audio and video components, but also take time to plan for the install. Hopefully you have engaged us for home theater consulting (we offer design, sales, and installation consulting) so that you have everything lined up and ready to go smoothly with your equipment install.

Our experience helps you avoid potential pitfalls while saving you time and avoiding common mistakes. We make sure you are well informed about the equipment you wish to purchase, and help to ensure interoperability of your chosen solution before you purchase it. Our services show our commitment to providing excellent customer service, not just selling products.

We help you plan the installation... making sure you consider things like the number of, and capacity of, your electricity / power outlets. And, how about surge-suppression or uninterruptible power supplies? Have you considered whether lighting in your chosen location is ideal, or if you have dimmers on lighting to get the best theater mood and results? Do you have color-coded wires to connect your audio and video equipment where it will help make sense of things? Do you have some high-quality DVDs / Audio-CDs ready to demo and test your system, and are you testing THX or Dolby 5.1? Do you know how to achieve the ideal sound / audio qualities in your particular room? We can help you though all of this.

And, look to us to make sure you get the custom manuals that are available to all customers; these manuals detail the purchased system and outline its use in simple, straightforward terms. Our installation specialists will take all the time necessary to explain how each component of each system works until the user fully understands its operation. This attention to detail and customer education helps you get the most from your new home theater system, and is an integral part of the install cycle.

Home Sound & Satellite has installed a LOT of home theater systems in homes and offices just like yours here in Northeast Ohio. This experience benefits you, as you can draw on this experience to achieve success. We have the experience with Cleveland Home Theater installation to help you get your new theater up and running faster and smoother than you thought possible. Now that you have chosen to invest in a wonderful audio and video setup, give some thought to engaging Home Sound during the process. Thank you.

Installation — Home Theater Items we Install in the Cleveland, Ohio region

We install these home theatre, audio, visual, and multimedia products:

  • Televisions: High-Definition Television (HDTV), Plasma TV, LCD TV, OLED TV
  • Video Components: Blue Ray / Blu-Ray Disc players; DVD players, upconverting DVD, DVD recorders, Hard Disk Recorders, HDTV recorders
  • Stereo Systems and Components: Speakers, Receivers, Amps, Pre-Amps, etc.
  • Audio, Video (Antenna / Cable), and Networking Cable / Wire
  • Multimedia Servers and other modern electronics and computer-based media solutions
  • We can make sure your modern video game consoles fit into your overall solution too, and deliver the best high-definition experience: XBOX 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii
  • Other Modern Home Theater equipment, accessories, and related : contact our Cleveland Home Theater Installation professionals for your specific needs...

Installation — Home and Office Audio / Video / Multimedia

We install systems and components not just in homes, but also in offices and businesses. Often called home theatre systems, the key componentes are high-tech audio, visual, and multimedia products that can serve the needs of the home user as well as the professional. Consider how your business could benefit from providing some affordable entertainment to waiting clients and guests, or how your staff may enjoy watching the latest news on CNN or CNBC during their lunch-hour -- or perhaps your business actually needs pervasive news-access at all times.

If your are in the greater Cleveland / Northeast-Ohio region (Cuyahoga County, Lake County, Summit County, Lorain County, Geauga County, Medina County, etc.), keep us in mind for BOTH your home AND business audiovisual needs. We perform installation of "home theater" (i.e., audio, video, etc) components and systems in residential and business settings including:

  • Lobbies: perhaps you would like some corporate advertising or introduction videos shown to anyone entering your company lobby?
  • Waiting areas: If you are a busy doctor office, dentist office, or other medical office, you know how tight scheduling can be, and how nice it would be if you could give your waiting patients something enjoyable to pass their time with - whether professional audio or simply a television show to watch. Our home theater installers can help you help your patients relax while waiting. In fact, any business where you may keep customers waiting (law firms / legal, automotive, government, you name it) can potentially benefit from professional audio / video installations.
  • Trading floors, Stock Brokers, and Investment Banks: if you do not already have modern high-definition flat-panels - plasma, LCD - to save space while displaying all the information valuable to your daily operations, talk to us about installing those units for you now.
  • Restaurants, Bars, Sports Bars, Pubs, Clubs: it is quite common to see ceiling-mounted large-format televisions throughout these establishments; we can help you achieve the look/feel you desire.
  • Company lounges, kitchens, and the like: these settings can be upgraded to include multimedia if you would like to offer your employees such things.
  • Conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms,...: these are all places where audio and video equipment installation is common these days. Perhaps installing a big-screen display / projection system for corporate presentations - whether computer-feed audio-visual material, DVD, or otherwise - will make a lot of sense when it comes time to show off your latest product to potential clients, or to demonstrate some new software to your workers, or have other training sessions displayed. The possibilities are endless.

Another nice "bonus" for business owners is that these types of audio installations, video installations, and "home theater" installs — at your BUSINESS location should be completely acceptable business tax-deductions / tax write-offs as legitimate business expenses (note: consult your tax advisor for your particular situation as needed).

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